Patricia Ibáñez and Abel Harana Company


Ensemble / Elenco:


Patricia Ibáñez & Abel Harana (Dance/Baile)
El Mati & El Quini  (Vocals/Cante)
Javier Ibáñez (Guitar/Guitarra)


Following its 2015 Gypsy Festival performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this vivid and moving flamenco production honors the origins of flamenco music and dance from the far-reaching corners of Spain and Andalusia. Award-winning dancer/choreographers Patricia Ibáñez and Abel Harana pay homage to their predecessors who toiled in the fields, yet also created a varied artistic body of work, rich in emotion and cultural relevance.


Memoria Antigua recalls early flamenco dance styles such as the Farruca from Galicia, the Malagueña from Malaga, and the Taranto from Linares, as well as flamenco songs including the Seguiriya de Frijones from Jerez, the Cantiñas de Pastora and Lebrija, the Trilla and the Zángano of Puente Genil.


“Strokes of virtuosity... dancers with taste, technique and agility.” - La Voz Digital

“A well-defined dramatic storyline and an outstanding group of musicians!” - Flamenco en Vivo


Patricia Ibáñez has trained with such important flamenco artists as Eva La Yerbabuena, Rafaela Carrasco, Farruquito and Belén Maya, and danced with the Antonio “El Pipa” Company, the corps de ballet of the Sara Baras Company, and the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia.  In 2011 she received the prestigious Copa Jerez Award given for lifetime achievement in flamenco.


Abel Harana studied under Joaquín Grilo, Manolo Marín and El Güito. At 18, he received First Prize for Dance in the “Noches de Bajo de Guía” National Competition and has since performed with some of flamenco’s most lauded companies, including Rafael de Córdoba, Ricardo Miño, José Porcel, María Pagés, and the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia.