What is a subscription?


A subscription is all shows in a single series. Our series categories are: Cabaret, Dance, Jazz at the Lighthouse, Music, Mainstage Season, and Family.


What is a Multi-Show package?


A Multi-Show package is three or more shows (not tickets) from any series, in a single transaction.


Can I purchase tickets to more than one show in a single transaction?


Yes! After you select your seats for the first show on your list, you will be taken to the payment page. Fill out your payment information there and then click the “Continue Shopping” button in the lower left hand corner of the payment screen.


Can I purchase a multi-show package if I need 3 tickets to one show and 2 tickets to another?


We’re afraid that the software wizards have not yet made this exact feature available to us! What you can do is purchase 3 or more shows with the same number of tickets per show. After you have completed the transaction go back to the home page and select the show for which you would like to purchase a single ticket and complete that transaction.  However, in order to get the multi-show discount for those additional tickets you will have to call or stop by the box office.


Can I purchase different  types of subscription packages within a single transaction (e.g. a Dance and a Music Subscription)?


Unfortunately, you are not able to buy more than one type of subscription package in a single transaction.  You can, of course, buy multiple subscriptions of a single type within the same transaction (e.g. four Dance Subscriptions). If you would like to purchase more than one type of package, you will need to complete a separate transaction for each package. You may choose to call or stop by the box office and we can process this type of order in one transaction for you.


Can I purchase a subscription and then gain access to single tickets at the multi-show price while shopping online?


We’re sorry, but the only way for Subscribers to get the Multi-Show Discount for single tickets is to call or visit the box office. The online platform will only provide the Multi-Show Discount when 3 or more shows are being purchased at one time.


How do I know if my order was processed?


Once your order has been processed you will receive an email confirmation.  The confirmation will state the name of the event(s) you purchased, the number of tickets you purchased, your seat location and the amount of your transaction. The confirmation also includes our ticket policies and directions to our venues. 


What if I did not receive my email confirmation?


If you did not receive your email confirmation, first check your spam (or junk) folder. If you do not find your email confirmation there, we are more than happy to re-email your confirmation or mail you a hard copy, just call the box office during our regular business hours. 


Is there free parking on campus?


Yes, there is plenty of free parking on campus! When you arrive for the performance, follow the On Stage At Kingsborough parking signs to our parking lot. You may also ask the security guard at the entrance to direct you.


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